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Bellydance "Muppet Belt"

Ok, here's my attempt to re-create a muppet-like yarn belt I saw at a recent bellydance workshop. After doing some research online I was able to determine that the belt base was crocheted, with yarn fringe looped into it. Here is Muppet Belt Prototype 1:

I had to teach myself to crochet, so this was in part to let me practice a single-stitch pattern and make sure I could maintain a consistent number of stitches on each row. Once I had enough stitches I used this prototype to play with yarn fringe. Things looked promising so I moved on to creating an actual dance belt:

You know, I had a heck of a time finding a crocheted bellydance belt until I realized a belt was usually a REALLY long scarf. So I made a scarf 18 stitches long and just worked at it until I got something long enough to fit around my hips. Then I used really long fringe on either side to give me something to tie it on. The fringe is just long strands of the same black yarn attached to the ends with a lark's head knot.

So now I'm in the process of adding colorful yarn as fringe to the bottom of the belt. I decided to get one really colorful, dread-like yarn and then work with other textures that match a color in that yarn. So I've got some wavy golden yellow, blue suede, and black fun fur!

I'll post when I get all this fringe done!


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