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Veil work

Last Saturday night, we were all over at Rogerís to watch some more of Season 1 Heroes. I joked that although there was an awesome ď80ís versus 90ísĒ music battle going on at Club Majestic, I wouldnít be going because I was an old fogie who didnít boogie down anymore. To which Andy astutely replied: ďyeah right, and just how many bellydance events are you going to tomorrow?Ē

Two. And I couldnít be happier about that! Actually, one was just a council meeting, but the second was our first practice of the club advanced piece for the spring show in April. Iíve been practically gasping to get this started, because I get to dance with veil and Iím so excited to learn it.

My mom has pointed out that I was actually in my first dance performance around age 3, and it was with scarves. I donít remember that, but I DO remember trying to make a ribbon stickólike the rhythmic gymnasts useóout of a twig and toilet paper. TP canít withstand high velocities, it turns out: it kept breaking every time Iíd flick it around.

The point here is, Iíve always loved dancing, even though I forgot I did for most of my adult life. It brings me such absolute joy, and Iím so happy to have an activity that counters the stress and challenge of grad school. And I definitely felt bellydance withdrawl over the weeks when no classes had started up, and practices had yet to begin. And now here we are! I was wiped out by studio practice on Thursday, and after last night my shoulders are a little funky, and my right hamstring just continues to be cranky despite stretching. Itís all awesome. I like hearing what my body has to say, because when I get stressed I feel like a kite floating miles above my body.

Veil work is challenging. I mean, at first blush it seems like it should be easier: a light, floating piece of silk that is much flashier than anything you can do with your body. But Iíve heard the phrase ďthe veil never liesĒ before, and I get it. If your posture and arm carriage is bad: it highlights it. If your movement of the veil is off, it looks awkward. Not to mention that dancing with any prop adds probability for error in your performance.

But heck, itís so darn pretty!

Here's a link to my **FAVORITE** dancer, doing amazing veil work (as always)

In other news: I dreamt that I went to Washington D.C. and was sitting at a kitchen table with President Barack Obama. There were lots of people at the table and we were sharing jokes and laughing. Iíve never really dreamed of a president before, and I had this weird sense of knowing him really well even though Iíve never met him. Itís probably just media over-exposure and celebrity. But it was a cool dream nonetheless!


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