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Itís going to sound silly, but . . .

Itís going to sound silly, but last night I dreamt I was singing. Awesome, joyful, soulful singing about some sort of song of finally being free. I also dreamt I was getting ready to perform again for Pippin/Godspell, and I couldnít remember the opening words to my solo as Grandma Bertha: ďItís time to start livinĒ

I woke up, and remembered the words:

Oh, itís time to start liviní
Time to start taking from this world Iím given
Time to take time, cause spring will turn to fall
In just no time at all.

Anyway, I didnít really think of my singing dream until the inauguration started, and Aretha started singing. Nah, hadnít been singing ďMy Country Tisí of TheeĒ in my dream. But it did make me wonder who was really singing in the dream. Was it just me? Or was the country singing and I was joining along? Iíll never know, and Iíll never claim to know. I like to think that the joy weíre feeling today is tangible, communicable even. And Iím glad to share it, waking or sleeping.

I watched the inauguration in the main lecture hall of the Microbial Sciences Building. There was cheering and clapping throughout, but my favorite outburst was in response to Obamaís claim that we will make decisions based on facts and data, to which someone cheered ďDATA! YEAH!Ē We scientists have been waiting to hear that for some time.


Blogger David Dembinski said...

I am so hopeful right now! I'm not ashamed to admit I teared up a little during Obama's speech right in front of the people I work with while we were watching. Well, I'm a little ashamed but it was worth it.

1/21/2009 2:17 PM  
Blogger Spazmo said...

I think that speech counts as one of those times it is manful to cry. There were just all these moments where you wanted to yell "YEAH!"

1/21/2009 3:00 PM  

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