This Is Nothing

Insane Graduate School Edition


Lights, bushels, etc.

God bless my husband. Whatever show we were watching on TV ended, and on came one of my favorite trashy shows ďFashion Police: Oscars Edition.Ē Itís all just a big saucer-of-milk catty comment fest focused on what the stars were wearing at the Oscars (or other awards show). I expected Andy to retreat to the computer room, but he stuck with me. We watched a few dresses together, and to my surprise he had a lot of opinions about color, design, jewelry. And maybe even more surprising was that the fashion experts on the show echoed his opinions.

Fact is, Andy continually surprises me. In this case, he has always claimed to have no fashion sense and yet every opinion he voices is in line with those expert in the category. He hid that light under a bushel, you know? And sometimes I wonder what lights Iím hiding and people would be surprised to see. I become tempted to make a value judgement on hiding versus shining lights. It seems great to shine you light, but itís a lot of pressure and people come to expect it continually from you. But if you hid the light, you are underestimated, but able to surprise at key moments. Hmmm. Just something to think about for today.


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