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Insane Graduate School Edition


And now for something completely frivolous

I needed new jeans. Ok, so there are multiple, valid reasons for me needing new jeans, but they all sum up to my current jeans being ill-fitting. One pair was too baggy, one pair too long, and another pair too tight in the waist. I was just getting tired of it.

So, holiday coupon in hand, I went to Macyís and splurged on two expensive pairs of jeans and one would-be-expensive-if-it-wasnít-already-marked-down pair. They are all super-dark and just structured enough to be flattering yet comfortable. Iím really pleased with myself for splurging on something I know Iíll wear often. Hooray! Iím still hoping to find wide-leg jeans somewheres, but oh well.


Blogger Sean said...

How do jeans become too long? Did you get shorter? What kind experiments do you DO there?

12/03/2008 12:20 PM  
Blogger Spazmo said...

Mwhahaha! Am I mutating genes or jeans?

12/03/2008 1:36 PM  

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