This Is Nothing

Insane Graduate School Edition



Thatís me right now, or at least one side of my coin at the moment (the other side is mildly stomach achey and withdrawn, and typing everything backwards). I just feel impatient.

Partly it is this time of year: the window between New Yearís and the start of the new academic term at UW, where nothing is scheduled and things are open for limited hours at best. Mainly Iím impatient for all the bellydance goodness to start up again, although I know once it gets going Iíll be kindof ridiculously busy: Iíll be doing club practice, show practice, and two studio classes (one will be hip-hop fusion!). My first studio class was frozen out last week, which bummed me out greatly. As for the rest, Iím sure it will start soon, and Iím being good and not harassing people to tell me when it all starts.

Iíve also signed up for a basic sewing class, because even though I know I can sew basic things, Iíve kindof learned as I went and I think I may be doing some things slightly wrong, which will be fine for basic stuff but could be trouble with more complicated sewing projects. But that class doesnít start till February.

And then there is the general impatience for it to be spring already. Itís so silly: itís January for goodness sake. It canít be spring for awhile, especially here. But already Iíve got this lust for green plants and tropical scents.

The thing is, Iíve got lots of science work to get done, and in part I just want to somehow fast-forward and have it all done instead of doing it. We all know thatís physically impossible. So I guess Iím picking every shiny, more ďfunĒ thing I can think of to do instead. I am all too familiar with my procrastination habits by now. Ugh. I know I need to be chanting ďMove! Move! Move!Ē and just get to work. Just freaking HURL myself at it. But knowing what you need to do, and doing it are two different CONTINENTS, man.


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