This Is Nothing

Insane Graduate School Edition


Recognizing personal achievements

I'm a work in progress--isn't everyone? Far from perfect. I find happiness in understanding myself a little better every day, and after many small changes over the months and years sometimes I just realize I've made a big change, for me.

My life is always full of things that stress me out. And in recent years, I've had the inescapable stress of an unending project (my thesis) and its presence has required me to confront how I deal with stress, or pretty much stop functioning.

I still get stressed. Even sometimes so stressed that I have to just go and cry for awhile. But after alot of reading and reflection on the topic, I'm finding these days that I listen to the stress but I don't hold on to it as tightly. The fact is life will always be stressful, but while it's important to acknowledge things that are stressful it's rather useless to worry endlessly about them. So, in line with Marcus Buckingham's "Catch and Hold" strategy for "strong moments" I'm adding a "Catch and Release" strategy for things that stress me out.

I'm proud of this development, because it doesn't change my forward momentum, and may pay off in the long run for my health and happiness. We'll see!


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