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Insane Graduate School Edition


For Alice!

Alice requested I update the blog, which I find funny because usually Iím the one nudging folks to update update update!

Man, I really canít wait for the year to turn once around. I canít wait to see where we all end up in July 2010. With Andy having graduated, Sarah and Roger nearing the 6-month prospectus, and me trailing somewhere behind thereís just a lot going on. Layered within the graduation stuff is Andy looking for a job, which isnít ever easy. Sprinkled on top of it all is a million random challenges large and small. Life seems just too big right now. It can be exhausting. My favorite joke continues to be ďyears from now weíll look back at this time and laugh at all the crazinessĒ although Iím not going to claim to know whether itíll be laughing over how simple a time it was in comparison to the life weíll be living.

My docket is continually full, but who isnít busy these days?

On a personal/hobby level: Iím still running with Bethany. Iím still teaching Intermediate Practice for the UW Bellydance Club, taking the Summer Techniques class at the Madison Multicultural Dance Studio, and laughing at myself (due to lack of street cred) in Arielleís Hip Hop Bellydance Fusion class. And the Isadora workshop is coming up next week, and Iím super excited about that. Iím still crocheting up a storm, although Iíve finished my shawl and on the lookout for a new project.

On a professional level: a recent publication nearly scooped the paper Iíve been working on, so thatís lit a fire underneath both me and my boss to get this paper out the door. No new experiments. Iím in writing lockdown. Iím constantly overwhelmed, but using my experience in running to just keep moving my feet, one in front of the other, towards a distant finish line. Iím not allowed to worry about anything else but getting the paper done. I havenít decided what my reward is for completing it. I rewarded my completion of the Couch to 5K program with a massage. Andy thinks I should allow myself to get the latest edition of The Sims (which is total Amber crack). Iím thinking maybe something less time consuming. . .

Life is just so big these days that it is exhausting. Thatís how it sums up currently. Thatís why Iím excited for a year from now. Andy and I might have new jobs, and maybe a house complete with a lady Labrador and a Gentleman pug if weíre lucky. Maybe weíll actually be able to take a vacation, or even just live a little more slowly. Who knows? See you there :)


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