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Freewill astrology horoscope for this week: The Wild Goose Chase

Leo (July 23-August 22)
What exactly is a "wild goose chase," anyway? Does it refer to a frenetic and futile hunt for an elusive prey that's never caught? Or might it also mean the meandering pursuit of a tricky quarry that after many convoluted twists and turns results in success and generates a lot of educational fun along the way? Either definition could apply to your wild goose chase in the next three weeks, Leo. Which one will ultimately win out will probably depend on two things: 1. how well you detect the false leads you get; 2. how determined you are to be amused rather than frustrated by all the twists and turns.

I have a good idea what the wild goose is: my future career path. I'm in the midst of information interviewing to determine which career direction I want to pave my way to. Undoubtedly it will not be a straight path. I'm excited about how brave I can be, because although my nature is introverted I love to cast out lines into the world, ready to catch serendipity when it passes by. . .


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