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Couch to 5K Progress

My coworker Bethany and I have been working on the Couch to 5K program this spring and have made it through Week 5! I'm excited because our progress has survived a thesis defense and several week in general. AND I do believe the farthest I got in the program last time I tried was Day 1 of Week 5. . . and this time we made it all the way through week 5, including the 20-minute run on day 3. I'm really proud of this progress: I've been focusing on pacing myself, running no faster than I need to and keeping up conversation the whole time. I'm also working on a blog to track my progress, and here's the latest:

W5D3 (June 7, 2009)
The big 20-minute run! Up until now the longest run we’ve done is an 8-minute interval, and now we were jumping to 20! It was a little daunting to think about, but it actually went really smoothly. Bethany and I paced ourselves—we’d promised to start out running SO slow we’d get bored. The slow pace definitely helped keep it manageable. It was more boring than tiring, which was awesome. It’s a lot easier to find ways to entertain than ways to gain endurance. We took the bike path near her apartment, so it was a flat, paved track for us with lots of gardens and dogs and joggers and bikers to see. A day later I’m not really that sore, and after run mainly I just felt sortof dazed. We celebrated the 20-minute run with dinner at Bluephie’s followed by Mario Kart. Awesome. The week ahead brings increased lengths to all intervals, including a 25-minute run on day 3! I definitely think we can do it!


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