This Is Nothing

Insane Graduate School Edition


Right now is a strange time. I usually say itís a crazy time, but I think strange, and maybe wonderful covers it better. Andyís defending his thesis this coming Tuesday, and Iíve managed to wrestle together a rough draft of my paper whilst chugging away on remaining research for it. Itís the kind of time where it mostly seems best to keep your eyes on the ground and keep stepping forward, because the big picture is almost too big. You spend so many years imagining the thesis defense, and suddenly his is here! Itís one of those events that reminds you how much time has passed and how distant this time used to seem.

Itís strange to think about only one of us being in graduate school. Weíve stayed parallel up until now. Itís the end of one phase and the beginning of another, and I guess I could be terrified about such change but Iím feeling calm and ready. Thatís part of what I think has made this time strange is that feel like I can handle things. Like my tires are finally gripping the road. Even though Iím not even the one graduating. Maybe itís that Iíve seen Andy go through it and seen that itís difficult but not impossible. I can do that. I can write my papers and my thesis and graduate. Hmm. I didnít really even come to that conclusion until I typed this entry.

In summary, itís a strange time and Iím digginí it. Itís nearly summer here in Madison, and the undergrads have gone home. Bethany and I are running the Couch to 5K program and weíre on week 4 and itís not killiní me. Iíve almost finished my first big crochet project: a throw blanket. Weíve caught 3 mice in our apartment in the last month, and had a bat show up during a seminar. Iíve got nothing to complain about, and plenty to do. Now itís time for the summer to fly by!


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