This Is Nothing

Insane Graduate School Edition


Make ready my vorpal blade!

Everybody talks about how transformative the PhD experience is. But somehow, I didn't get how rapid and last-minute the transformation can be. I mean, in the last set of weeks I felt like I went from piddly slow researcher with a project going nowhere to instantaneous-data gal with too many awesome routes for the project to go and not enough time to address or finish any of them.

All of a sudden I have all these great ideas, great rationales. Thoughts have crystallized into amazing thoughts I didn't even know I had. Who is this person? I am beginning to feel truly human and "real" again, and I'm so thankful. Of course, I still have to finish writing the thesis. . .

Which has sprouted alot of Jabberwocky metaphors in my brain. The thesis is simultaneously horrifying/worst nightmarish and completely conquerable. The difference is in my head and my ability this week to mortally wound the beast. Up until now it's been death by a thousand cuts, randomly adding text and figures here and there. Now I must begin to truly slay it. Never has a writing project been such an act of bravery for me. I'm both excited and overwhelmed. But it must happen, and so it will.



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