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Insane Graduate School Edition


The least wonderful time of the year

For someone who over-plans, worries too much, and gets overwhelmed on a regular basis, the time after Christmas is a tough time of year indeed. Yes, there's still New Year's coming up, but that will be over fast, and it's so easy to peek over the top of it and see the whole semester ahead.

On the plus side, there's alot of good stuff coming up this spring. For one thing, there's plenty of belly dance in it. I'll be dancing in the UW Club Spring Show, which means regular dance practices for that. Plus I'm taking a class on double veil and potentially another tribal fusion class which MAY include sword. Hopefully I'll get to continue TA-ing my dance mentor's mini-courses too.

And none of this should minimize the fact that I'm finishing graduate school and moving on to a new job (hopefully!). I've been aching to be done with this phase of my life. Grad school has taught me alot about myself as well as science. I'm ready to move on.

The tough part is knowing how much work needs to happen to get done. Yes, I'll get all that work done . . . I kinda HAVE to at this point, but as I said before, I'm easily overwhelmed. I've gotten better, but I don't think that quality will ever change.

Frankly, though, my challenges offer rewards, while I know alot of folks facing challenges that don't offer anything good in return. So I'm thankful for what I have, and just hope I can find plenty of resources to keep me sane and moving forward!


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