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I was just taking a walk with a friend of mine, rehashing all the events of the past weekend, and was amazed at how many people told me something new and surprising over such a short period of time. To list what I learned and who said them would be tedious at best, and maybe too confidential regardless.

It's mainly just funny how you can try to keep your own life in order only to find that another person can come over and flip it upside down with news. Not that anything THAT dramatic happened this weekend. It's just that continual lesson that life is not lived in a vacuum, and control of that life is sometimes just an illusion.

My life--and brain--are SO full right now, and I know it's not as full and crazy as life CAN get, so it's kind of amazing. Still excited for the months ahead, packed with dancing and thesis-defending. And plenty of joys and trials from the people around me. Just can't wait to see it from the other side of this challenge!


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